2-hours Walk & Talk

in Nederweert-Eind (NL)


"Build and grow your top team through a purpose and values driven culture change: deeper trust, strong alignment, team bonding, sense of belonging and responsibility, engaging and mobilising the organisation. A 2-hours personal walk whit our Positive coach. A step to increase the power of your team to change the culture and become an even more powerful value creation partner for your clients."

Walk & Talk

Successful entrepreneurs know that continuous performance results from collective team power. Actually, the key role of the entrepreneur is to build the best team and to get the best from everyone and all of them collectively.
Teams require ongoing investment and maintenance. Nothing is more volatile than team dynamics under pressure, where people bring their best as well as their worst. It is the entrepreneur’s role and responsibility to help his team members to grow, individually and collectively: increase conscious leadership, reduce anxiety, build trust, foster alignment and synchronise action.
Customers are critically asking for network partners and suppliers who foster ‘business for good’. This requires the entrepreneur’s top team to have a purpose and values driven culture. To build and foster this type of culture demands the discipline to continuously focus on clarifying, shaping and sharing the inner compass.
Great team dynamics asks for good dialogue and communication. When the pressure increases the human shadow sides in the team are activated, anxieties rise making communication difficult, systemic dysfunctional patterns lead to breaking down alignment and good spirit for execution while eroding trust.
Positive Team Power is a co-created tailored trajectory to fill the gap. Positive Team Power Walk & Talk is a step to increase the power of your team to change the culture and become an even more powerful value creation partner for your clients." 

"Achieved: time for myself, my development, my family and friends, a more energetic, happier and stronger team, better results!"

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