2-hours Horse Session

in Nederweert-Eind (NL)

"Reset energy, focus attention and restore inner balance. A systemic horse coaching session with our Positive coach and a co-created plan to reset your most powerful best self."

Horse session

A high energy level and focused dedication and attention are mission-critical for entrepreneurs and their key players to build success and
further grow it.
Sometimes there are moments where we lack this special energy that gives us wings, or we have difficulty keeping focus and persevere on our path of growth. We still work hard, but it doesn’t bring the output and impact we hope for. We may feel a bit like not knowing where to go or how to get there. Or we get uneasy or stuck because our inner self doesn’t feel in sync with what we do all day. When we feel our personal life, family and work are taking more energy than it generates. Or we simply are a bit confused about why we do what we do, what choices we should make or whether it is time now to start thinking a bit more about our self and take care of our own needs instead of always putting others or the business first. Or we may be facing health problems our self or with one of our family members. Or from a growth perspective we would like to explore what the next step could look like and we wonder what our next chapter in life looks like and how we could get there.
One or more of the above reasons are strong indicators to take some time for self reflection and having a deep conversation to explore the underlying conscious and subcounscious dynamics to restore inner balance, energy and focused attention.
Positive Personal Power is a tailormade program that will help you to reset yourself. Positive Personal Power Horse session is a systemic horse coaching session with a Positive coach. Building upon the outcomes of the coaching session, a tailored plan is co-created to reset your most powerful best self.

"I never knew that a mirror and a horse have so much in common."

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