2-days Positive Journey

at Schiermonnikoog (NL)

"Building a deeper understanding and stronger

bonding between Parent and Kid.

A unique discovery experience and sharing process 
during a 2-day weekend walk & talk journey in nature."

Positive Journey

We are very busy to drive success. We do it for our customers, ourselves, but even more for our family. For our partner and children to have a good life and a great future. We know we are spending far too little high quality time with our closest loved ones, and we continuously promise we will do better tomorrow, next week, next month, next holiday, next year. Before we realise it our daughters and sons grow into young adults who leave home to study and start their own adult life. With all good intentions we have missed to build a deep bonding with the few people we hope one day will still be around us when we grow old, turn sick and die. Or not.

The Parent & Kid Positive Journey offer you the unique opportunity to restore and deepen the high quality relationship with your (young) adult Kid. A unique experiential walking and talking format with experienced guidance from people who work with a positive spirit, courage and love. So that you can turn your emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually absent Parent into a renewed high quality, safe and positively attached relationship.


An additional very good reason for Parents to make this investment is that the absent relational pattern with your Kid not only has impacted - and still does -their low self confidence and loneliness. This pattern will also be systemically repeated in the relationship with their children, i.e. your grand children. 

"Absolutely worth the investment, unaffordable and priceless!"

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