Positive Family & Business is committed to help people improve the quality of important relationships, communication and energy. We focus on two areas: the family area and the business area, or a combination of both when relevant. We address the relationship problems of the individual self, the team/group and the business/organization. Our business clients are international family businesses and SME’s. Our family clients include business owners/SME leaders and their family members as well as families with disabled children/siblings. 

Positive Family & Business is an initiative of Nicole and Dirk Devos. Together we bring our broad experience and networks to provide unique value to our clients. Nicole brings her extensive systemic coaching experience, combined with family dynamics insights; Dirk brings his intensive and practical transformational leadership experience working with global leaders from multinational companies. Grounded in our own life experience as parents with our disabled (Fragile X) son Stijn, we are also very keen to support families with disabled family members to find ways to improve their quality of life. 

Our portfolio consists of a set of clear distinct value propositions that evolves over time as we adapt our offerings to the changing needs of our clients. 

Contact Dirk Devos

Tel. (+31)6 22 56 51 38
E-mail: dirk@positivefandb.com

Contact Nicole Devos

Tel. (+31)6 10 40 65 96
E-mail: nicole@positivefandb.com